Elyse Holladay

developer advocate. writing docs, training, & scss magic for front-end tools. powerlifter, style coach & blogger, avid reader, hobbyist cook, bullet journaler. intersectional feminist. texas.

Conference Talks

A Working Theory of Components

Design Systems are our current model of making sense of the intersection of front-end code and design. With the tools we have today, what is…

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

Exploring impostor syndrome, the fine line between deceit and ‘fake it til you make it,’ and discovering ways we can be intentful about how…

About Elyse

Elyse works as a Frontend Developer Advocate on the Front End Core team at Indeed. There, she helps engineers get the most out of front-end tools.

Elyse is a regular gym-goer who is super proud of her 100kg deadlift. She is a farmer's market CSA supporter and loves cooking elaborate weeknight meals. An avid reader, she's on track to hit 100 books for the third year running. She lives in sunny (and sweaty) downtown Austin, TX with her husband. Elyse is a personal style blogger & coach and is deeply invested in the feminist politics of slow fashion.

She has spent her ten-year career writing and refactoring CSS/Sass, with a focus on Sass architecture and systems. Previously, she worked at Indeed as an engineer building the CSS architecture for their design system, and at RetailMeNot on a design system called Roux. Prior to that, she worked at Square Root and Bazaarvoice to build CSS architectures for enterprise apps.

Elyse is an experienced conference speaker and teacher. She has spoken at ClarityConf, multiple CSSConfs, Converge SE, and SassConf. In 2015 she keynoted ConvergeSE with her “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” talk. For SassConf, she has been a panelist as well as co-leading a Sass Refactoring workshop with Jina. In 2016 she was on the organizing team, where she was responsible for speaker selection and mentoring.